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The company name is self-explanatory:
Ex-ecutive Support, i.e. the support of former executives by a former “executive number two”.

Not only has your retirement from your hectic operational duties, either in the recent past or in the near future, enabled you to take a well-earned rest, but it has also deprived you of the luxury of having a personal assistant at your beck and call. And even if you have come to an arrangement with your successor enabling you for the time being to continue relying on the services of your erstwhile “number two”, gofer and confidant(e), the moment inevitably arrives when this arrangement too comes to an end.

How to go from here?
Of course many of your duties will continue as if nothing had changed: supervisory directorships, advisory committee memberships, director’s posts. Everyone will be clamouring for you attention – after all, you have all the time in the world, haven’t you? Or have you?

  • Who will maintain your diary from now on?
  • Who will screen your inbound telephone calls?
  • Who will arrange your trips, your driver?
  • Who will keep your relationship records up to date?
  • Who will make sure that the documents for your meetings are available in good time?
  • What about your files – who will keep them in good order?
  • Who will take care of your correspondence?
  • And who will arrange for flowers to be delivered, dinner reservations to be made, programmes for foreign business associates to be drawn up?
  • And so on...

Ex-ecutive Support, that’s who.
Ex-ecutive Support is professional, businesslike, informal (yet formal where appropriate) and permanently accessible. Arguably more importantly still, Ex-ecutive Support does not adhere to the dreaded “nine-to-five philosophy”.