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Modus operandi

How do we hook up?
We schedule an appointment, and provided we are both convinced that a fruitful partnership is on the cards, we provide you with a telephone and a facsimile number, an E-mail address and an address for correspondence to be printed on your business cards (which Ex-ecutive Support can have printed up for you if you prefer). These contact data enable all your business associates – as well as your private contacts where appropriate – to reach you whenever the need arises.

Prior to buckling down, we will devote in-depth attention to several matters of relevance:

  • Which people would you be happy to talk to in person and whose calls would you prefer never to have to take?
  • What do your activities entail?
  • Your relationship records.
  • The transfer of relevant files.
  • Your preferred suppliers (e.g. hotels, airlines, restaurants, et cetera).
  • What activities do you undertake in a private capacity?
  • What are your preferences?
  • Et cetera.